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Science Hub is a university-wide cooperation platform aimed at initiating and supporting the implementation of applied student projects, in cooperation with external entities.   

We help connect students at the University of Lodz and their supervisors with partner institutions to carry out projects and prepare theses that will have a practical application.



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What are the goals of the Science Hub?

The Science Hub aims to:

  • intensify collaboration between students, academics and external partners (companies, public institutions, NGOs, local communities) ·
  • initiate and facilitate applied student projects serving the society or business,
  • support interdisciplinary projects,
  • promote a continuous dialogue between the University and its external stakeholders,
  • collaborate for societal impact. 



What are the benefits for the Science Hub partners?

Benefits for students: 

  • acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out applied student projects
  • integrating knowledge gained during studies to solve a specific problem of a partner organization
  • creating relevant and practical solutions for external partners
  • learning in practice problem-solving, Design Thinking and project management
  • establishing personal contacts with external partners and thus creating networking opportunities

Benefits for academic teachers: 

  • establishing or maintaining contacts with institutions from the business environment
  • learning from the partners about new challenges and needs in the field of their research
  • undertaking projects addressing the real, diagnosed needs of the external partners
  • fostering synergies between external partner institutions, the university and students at UNILODZ
  • practicing tutoring and Design Thinking

Benefits for external partners: 

  • establishing and maintaining contacts with academic partners/specialists
  • getting to know young talents – potential future employees and partners
  • practicing cooperation with a University – a potential partner on various projects
  • exchanging knowledge and experience with the academic community
  • receiving a documented solution to the defined need or challenge


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Science Hub UŁ project is co-financed from the state budget under the programme of the Minister of Education and Science called 'Science for Society'. The aim of the Science Hub UŁ project is to develop a university-wide model of operation of “Science Hub', a platform for cooperation aimed at initiating and supporting student scientific projects in cooperation between university representatives and external partners while strengthening interdisciplinary interdepartmental cooperation.  Agreement no. NdS/543803/2021/2022 from 3.10.2022. Amount of co-financing 650,000 PLN. Total project value PLN 650,000.